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This is a unique opportunity for two versatile artists, pianist Makoto Kuriya from Japan and trumpetist Patrick Artero to meet and display a mix of anachronism and modernity. They will be supported by subtle Paris resident Japanese drummer Hidehiko Kan rythm section.
The session will be held on 2006/07/11 at Paris Franc Pinot.

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Makoto Kuriya

Makoto Kuriya Born in Kobe, Japan, graduated from West Virginia University with a linguistics major, and later studied and performed with Nathan Davis at the University of Pittsburgh. He spent most of 80's in the States and toured with Grammy winning Chuck Mangione in the late 80's. Back to Japan in 1990, he produced a series of CD's resulting in many awards, and was also much in demand for commercial recording work. In the mid 90', he performed the soundtrack for the platinum winning “Neo Genesis Evangelion” which became a global success. Since 2001, Kuriya has been writing and producing songs for best selling pop artist, Ken Hirai. In 2002, he completed the movie soundtrack for “Nitaboh” performed by the Warsaw Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. In 2004, Kuriya performed with his own group and with Herbie Hancock at "Tokyo Jazz", the largest jazz festival in Japan, and in Paris for the “International Music Day” organised by UNESCO, with such greats as Billy Cobham, John Faddis ,and Jonny Griffin. In 2005, the first European tour ended in great success. The year 2006 is scheduled with the second European tour in summer. In 2006, Kuriya will be producing Japan-Australia joint project and will be touring with the mixture unit in both countries.

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Patrick Artero

Patrick Artero Born in 1950 in Vietnam, Patrick Artero's musical life starts around when he was 4 years old when he starts listening to his father's Louis Armstrong LD's. Around 10 years, he starts playing the trumpet after having studied for a couple of years. He leads his school's band in 1964. He meets the then famous "Haricots Rouge" bands in 1969 where he will be playing for 4 years. After joining Michel Attenoux sextet in between 2 concerts with the "Pieds de Poules" band, he will meet with all by-then famous musicians such Claude Lutter, Maxim Saury, Marc Lafferiere, Claude Bolling ( he will join as a solist in the Show Bizz Band), Guy Laffitte, Raymond Fol ( where he plays together with Andre Villeger), René Urtreger,Pierre Michelot, Gérard Badini, Martial Solal, etc… He then plays with most of the most famous Jazz musicians. Those he didn't play together with had already dissapeared. For instance, he played with trumpetists Harry Edison, Cat Anderson, Joe Newman, Thad Jones, Dizzy Gillespie, Bill Coleman, Jimy Mc Partland, Clark Terry. He plays with saxophonists Benny Watters, Bud Freeman, Eddy Davis, Buddy Tate, Harold Ashby, Stan Getz, Benny Carter, Earl Warren, Peanuts Hocko, Albert Burbanks, Eddie Daniels. Not forgetting Lionel Hampton, Georges Benson, Milt Buckner, Sonny Penn, Sam Woodyard. And also great vocalists such as Betty Carter, Carmen Mc Rea, Carrie Smith, Cab Calloway, Joe Williams. In short, during the 70's, Patrick is fully devoted to Jazz. He also contributed to Sydney Bechet and Academy du Jazz awards for Anachronic Jazz Band in 1977, played as an actor in a movie paying tribute du Bix Beiderbecke, was involved in movies and acting theatres sounds tracks where he sometimes acts as a musicians. In the 80's, he dives into Salsa ( Patrick is from Spanish origins) et plays together with some of the most famous latin music musicians such as Chocolate Armenteros, Alfredo Rodriguez, Carlos «patato» Valdes, Papaito, Gonsalès bothers from New-York, Mauricio Smith From 1984 until 1990, most of african music production will need the brass section he set up. He will then play with such stars/bands as Kassav, Zouk Machine, Touré Kunda, Alpha Blondy ou Bernard Lavilliers. He comes back to Jazz in the 90's with Paris Barcelona, Swing Conncection which records with Frank Wess et Bill Davis, Sacha Distel Collegiens, Gerard Badini, Francois Laudent et Michel Pastre Big Bands, Mambomania et the Megswing quintet, Parad Maching band and traditionnal Jazz band Darwin Nostradamus. Patrick has worked for long as a sideman most of his career and played some of the most famous Jazz musicians. He is now playing also with his own band. He was seen on TV togeter with Ray Charles, Michel Leep, Serge Gainsbourg, Eddy Mitchell, Maurice André, Dizzy Gillespie, Henri Salvador or Michel Legrand. Patrick is a vert versatile musician who is surfing from one music style to the other, feeding himself with rythms and changes. As such he is a real bohemian.

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