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Maki Nakano Trio/ Ky

Maki Nakano Trio Trio Ky is a universe on its own, in between Erik Satie, John Coltrane, Takemistu. Improvised music used as a mean to break barriers, sound for the soul to surf on the waves, in between standards and original compositions.
  • Maki Nakano (saxophone, clarinet)
  • Yann Pittard (guitar, oud)
  • Thomas Ballarini (percussions)

  • The concert will be held at Franc Pinot in Paris on Novembre the 7th at 9:00 PM
    Vers Le Franc Pinot

    Maki Nakano

    Maki Nakano Mako started learning how to play the saxophone together with Eichi Hayashi when she was 15 years old. Since 2002, she is studying together with Andre Villeger in Paris. She is often performing with Itaru Oki ( tp) and Daunik Lazlo ( sax). She is playing now with her own sax trio ( sax, double bass, drums).

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