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Japanese display and input was not an easy task, not to mention about its understanding. Today's IT can help solve some of these problems.

For the most daring, we recommedn to register in a Japanese school. In France for instance   INALCO ( National Institute for Oriental Languages ), Jussieu  or   Sorbonne  universitties,  or  Paris City evening classes  , ou in one of the several Japanese schools. Outside of Paris this Link   provides information where to attend Japanese classes. 

Japanese fonts display ( Input for those who wish to go further...)

Diplaying Japanese fonts requires:

Windows95  and Windows98 can't display Japanese under their French/English versions.

Windows NT and Windows2000/Millenim can.It is then necessary to download from the web ad install the Japanese fonts. Internet Explorer and Outlokk can then display them. It is also possible to download from the Web and install input methods ( IME) in order to type in Japanese text. What's more, Office2000 ( Word, Excel, PowePoint, ...) do support Japanese.

Life got musch easier under Windows XP which provides full multilingual support. Japanese font and input methods are provided with the installation CD. It is then possible to install them when necessary. It may be  necessary for input methods while fonts should be installed by default. While displaying a Web page under Internet Explorer, if the Japanese text doesn't appear properlky, one must select in View/Encoding/Japanese-AutoSelect or Japanese(Shif-JIS).If it still doesn't work properly, one shall install support for Japanese with the installation CD. Just go on the configuration panel. select the Language Regional Options. Select the Language Tab and add in the Japanese language. Once done, even if you can't read Japanese, you can then try to translate some Japanese in to English and you will be able to send/receive some translated Emails.

Automatic whole Web site translation via Google ou Yahoo

While looking for information under search engines such as Google and/or Uahoo, it is possible to get directly, in some cases, the whole translation of a ponted Web site. Beware, it is not systematic. Once shall select the "[Translaed this page]" resulting link when it appears. Then, you can go on browsing thru the retreived site. Results are often amazing whether good or bad ;)

For instance, here is the result from a search for "Makoto Ozone" on French Google site

Makoto Ozone - english biography - [ Traduire cette page ] There is an infectious buoyancy to the music of Makoto Ozone. ... 1997 was the year he founded the Makoto Ozone Trio with Kiyoshi Kitagawa hailing from ... - 10k - En cache - Pages similaires

Here is a similar result on English Google:

Makoto Ozone - [ Translate this page ] Jazz Pianist, Makoto Ozone's authorized page. - 2k - Cached - Similar pages

The same would applies to Japanese Google and/or Yahoo search engines.


online translation portals
Name Site Web
Google ( France) Official
Google (Anglais) Official
Google (Anglais[US]) Official
Google Japanese Official
Yahoo ( France) Official
Yahoo (Anglais) Official
Yahoo (Anglais[US]) Official
Yahoo Japanese Official

Manual assisted translation ( Web site details/paragraph/sentence, mail,...)

One can perform an explicit step by step translation of a web site extracted from a Web site, You just need to cut the related paragraph from the orginal Web site and paste it into the targetting online translation site.

If you wish, you can can also read/send Email in French/Japanese following the same procedure for you private Emails. It is recommended to dual check the translations by re-translating back the translated text into its original language. It is necessary to use simple vocabulary and grammar and short constructs/sentences.


Online translation tools
Name Tool Site Web
Nifty Traduction Japanese/Anglais Official
Yahoo Traduction Multilingue Official
Google Traduction Multilingue Official
Systran Traduction Multilingue Official
Prompt online Traduction Multilingue Official

Kanji help Tooltip ( For those who know some Japanese )

"Firefox" users can download a plug-in which display a tooltip for Kanji prononciation and translation.This tool can be downloaded on rikaixul

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