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Links towards Multi-cultural Jazz associations

Here follows a list of some links towards other associations that are devoted to the promotion of multi-cultural exchanges of Jazz musicians. In Europe such associations are already set up. To a lesser extent, for instance between France and Belgium, Spain, Germany and/or Great Britian, yet so near one from the other, such associations would be welcome.

This list can be extended at will.

Links towards multi cultural Jazz associations
Name Activities Site Web
Scandinavian Connection Scandinavie/Japon Official
Nordic Connection Scandinavie/France XXX
Una Srtiscia di Terra Fecunda Festival de Jazz Franco Italien (Rome) XXX
Maison du Jazz (Rome/Italie) Italie Official
Exchange France/Netherland(AFIJMA) Netherland/France Official
Europe Jazz Odyssee Echanges Europeens NA
Futur Jazz Multicultural Jazz Trends Official

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