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Name Style Site Web
EWE All Official
88 Jazz Official
Atelier Sawano All Official
VideoArtsMusic All ( Drefus/LabelBleu) Official
Polystar All Official
Venus All Official
55 Records All Official
M&I All Official
JMT All Link
Bamboo All Link
Kings Naive... Official
Super Stop Crystal ... NA
Geneon - Official
Better Days(Columbia) - Link
Jazz Crossover(Columbia) - Link
Misc ( Pop, Rock, ...)
Sylver Records - Official
Johnny's Entertaenment Inc - NA
Toys Factory - Official
Teichiku - Official
Web Koo - Official
Interchannel - Official
Avex - Official
Neoplex - Official
Pony Canyon - Official
Hats - NA
Yamaha Music - Official
Dream Music - Official
VAP - Official
Tokuma - Official
Tri-m - Official
Paradise Digital - Official
Funai Entertaenment - Official

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