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In France it is possible to get some helps/grants from institutions and/or private companies for the production of a live performance or a media. One must then contact organisations that do provide such helps, most likely in great demand.

We also suggest here a list of potential sponsors ( maked with hypens), without any garantee of any positive answers to sponsorship requests. In the context of a bi-partite cultural exchange, we do wish their contribution may be likely and may suit the joint promotion of their image whandher in France or in Japan.

Some may be interested in a financial contribution, or by providing some advantages in nature, organizing sign on sessions or live performances in their permisses, participating in the make up of a promotional media support or joint product, playing music in their premisses, andc...

Name Activities Site Web
CCIFJ French Trade Commission in Japan Officiel
CCIJ Japanese Trade Commission in France Officiel
L'Esprit Partenaire France/Japan Partership program Officiel
Selmer Instruments de music -
Antoine Courtois Instruments de music -
Japan Airline Compagnie Aerienne -
ANA Compagnie Aerienne -
Air France Compagnie Aerienne -
Easy Jand Compagnie Aerienne -
JR Compagnie Ferroviaire -
SNCF Compagnie Ferroviaire -
RATP Compagnie Ferroviaire -
Voyageurs au Japon Agence de Voyage (Paris) Official
Miki Travel Agence de Voyage (Paris) -
JAL PAK - JCY International France SA Agence de Voyage (Paris) Official
e-Japon Agence de Voyage (Paris) Official
France Carrefour Co. Ltd Agence de Voyage (Tokyo) -
French Travel Center SA Agence de Voyage (Tokyo) -
Hotels LeMeridien Hotel -
Hotels Accor Hotel -
Hotels Hyatt Hotel -
Hotel De Crillion Hotel -
Hotel Plaza Athenee Hotel -
Hotel Le Bristol Hotel -
Hotel De Buci Hotel -
Prince Hotels Inc. Hotel -
Credit Mutuel Endance -
Credit Agricole Endance -
Societe Generale Endance -
Nameura Endance -
Mizuho Endance -
Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi Co. Ltd Endance -
Credit Lyonnais Endance -
LVMH Luxe -
Louis Vuitton Luxe/Maroquinerie -
CHANEL Luxe/Haute couture -
Shisheido Luxe/Cosmandiques -
L'Oreal Luxe/Cosmandiques -
Cartier Luxe/Bijouterie -
Yves Saint Laurent Luxe/Haute couture -
Hermes Luxe/Maroquinerie -
Dior Luxe/Haute couture -
Charles Jourdan Luxe/maroquinerie -
Guerlain Luxe/Cosmandique -
Champagne Moand&Chandon Boisson -
Heineken Boisson -
Asahi Boisson -
Danone Agroalimentaire -
Hiramatsu Restaurant ( Paris) -
l'Astree Restaurant ( Paris) -
Stella Maris Restaurant ( Paris) -
Taillevent Restaurant (Tokyo) -
Joel Robuchon Restaurant (Tokyo) -
La tour d'argent Restaurant (Tokyo) -
Renault/Nissan Automobile -
Peugeot Automobile -
Toyota Automobile -
Michelin Pneumatique -
Valeo Automobile -
Hertz Location de voitures -
Avis Location de voitures -
Europcar Location de voitures -
Budget Location de voitures -
Saint Gobain Verre/Chimie -
Total Chimie -
Tokyo Gas Chimie -
Sanofi/Aventis Chimie -
EDF/GDF Energie -
Air Liquide Energie -
France Telecom Telcommunication -
Bouygues Telcommunication -
KDDI France Telecommunication -
NTT France SA Telecommunication -
Fujistu Telecommunications Europe Ltd Telecommunication -
NEC Informatique/Electronique -
Thales Electronique -
Toshiba Electronique -
Daikin Electronique -
Kyocera Electronique -
ILOG Informatique -
Business Objects Informatique -
Dassault Systems Informatique -
Itochu France Commerce -
Marubeni Europe PLC Commerce -
Mistubishi France Commerce -
Sumitomo France SA Commerce -
Dentsu Inc. Paris Office Communication -

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