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There are a lot of Jazz clubs in Japan. For the time being, we only list out the largest clus in Tokyo and the larger cities. For instance, Tokyo city and its surroundings accounts for around 100 clubs alone, small and large. Access to all Jazz clubs in Japan can be made via the last two links, especially from JJAZZ site ( in Japanese).

Name City Size Site Web
PittIn Tokyo 93 Official
Blue Note Tokyo 300 Official
STB139 Tokyo 270 Official
Alfie Tokyo 80 Official
Cotton Club Tokyo 200 Official
BillBoard Tokyo 200 Official
Body&Soul Tokyo 80 Official
Blues Alley Tokyo 140 Official
Motion Blue Tokyo 150 Official
Ikspiari Tokyo 150 Official
Dug Tokyo 40 Official
JZ-Brat Tokyo 100 Official
J Tokyo 85 Official
NARU Tokyo 70 Official
B-Flat Tokyo 150 NA
Someday Tokyo 150 NA
Tribecca Tokyo 133 NA
Artists cafe Tokyo 223 NA
Satin Doll Tokyo 100 NA
Ginza Swing Tokyo 90 NA
Sometimes Tokyo 80 NA
TUC Tokyo 100 Official
Blue Note Osaka 300 NA
Mister Kelly Osaka NA Official
Jazz on Top Osaka NA NA
Royal Horse Osaka NA Official
RagTime Osaka NA NA
Overseas Osaka NA Official
Don Shop Osaka NA NA
Hard Rain Osaka NA NA
New Suntory No 5 Osaka NA Official
Candy Kyoto NA NA
Satin Doll Kobe NA Official
Sone Kobe NA Official
Left Alone Kobe/Ashiya NA Official
Mcuatro Amagasaki NA Official
Blue Note Nagoya NA Official
Jazz In Lovely Nagoya NA NA
Star Eyes Nagoya NA NA
Blue Note Fukuoka NA Official

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