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In France, one can apply for grants from institutions and/or private companies while producing a live performance and/or a media. One must contact the organizations, that are in great demand. Most of the time, the candidate must fill in application forms and wait for a commission's approval.

Name Activities Site Web
FCM Fonds for la creation musicale Official
ADAMI Societe Civile Official
Fonds de soutien Societe Civile Official
MFA Music French d'aujourd'hui Official
Ministere de la culture Support divers Official
SACEM Societe des auteurs Compositeur Official
SCPP Societe Civiles de producteurs phonographiques Official
SPEDIDAM Societe de perception and distribution des droits Official
SPPF Scoiande des producteurs de phonogrammes Official
CNV Performance vivant, Export, Carriere Official
Fair Developement de carriere Official
Programe cadre "Culture 2000" EEC Official
EEC EEC Official
Journal Offociel des Communautes Europeenes EEC Official
Sources d'Europe EEC Official
Relais Culture Europe EEC Official
La Coface Insurance Official
Le Sidex Soutien Export for PME/TPE Official
DMDTS performance vivant/production Official
CNV Cintre National de la chanson des varietes and du Jazz Official
ONA Help a la diffusion/promotion Official
DIC Coordinnation de la promotion aevc le ministere de la culture Official
AFAA Ministere des affaires etrangeres Official
Bureau Export de la musique Ministere des affaires etrangeres Official
EMO Institutions Europeennes Official
Europe Jazz Odyssee Institutions Europeennes Official
European Jazz foundation Promotion du Jazz Europein Official
BECAF Reseaux de Alliances Frenchs Official
Francophonie Promotion de la music and des artistes French Official
Zone Franche Reseaux de professionnels Official
DAI Politique international du ministere de la culture Official
Relais Culture Europe Interface intre la professionals and la CEE Official
Agence Intergouvernementale de la Francophonie Promotion des artistes du sud Official
AMI Centre National de developpement for les musiques actuelles Official
ARTFACRORIES Echanges internationaux Official
ATC International Echanges internationaux NA
Conseil Francophone de la chanson Promotion de la chanson Official
Marabi Productions Export d'artistes French Official
UNESCO Encadrement for la diversite culturelle ( FIPC) Official
Comite de Jumelages - -
IRMA center de documentation Official
Maison du Jazz center d'information Official
AFJAM Association Franco Japanese des amis de la music Official

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