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Independant Jazz labels are active. This list is not complete and can be extended at will.

Name Style Site Web
Dreyfus All Official
Nocturne All Official
Label Bleu All Official
Crystal All Official
Naive All Official
Abeille All Official
Sketch All Official
Night And Day All Official
Emouvance All Official
ECM All Official
Blue Note All Official
RDC All Official
Night Bird All Official
Bee Jazz All NA
Bleu Regard All NA
Black and Blue All NA
Le Vocal du Monde All Official
DJaz Jazz Gypsy Official
Elabeth Jazz Official
Birdlogy Records Jazz NA
Casa Editions Jazz Official
CC Productions Jazz Official
Celp Musics Jazz NA
Disques Futura et Marge Jazz Official
Les Editions Musicmo Jazz Official
EMD Production Jazz Official
Ella Productions Jazz Official
Evidence Jazz NA
Fremeaux & Associes Jazz Official
Iris Music Jazz, World, Gypsy Official
Jazz aux Remparts Jazz NA
Jazz Friends Productions Jazz Official
Juste une trace Jazz Official
La Lichere Jazz NA
Milan Music Jazz Official
Night Bird Music Jazz Official
L'Oz Production Jazz Official
Pygmalion Records Jazz Official
Yolk Records Jazz Official

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