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The list is for the time being restricted to Parisian clubs and groups/associations of clubs. It can be extended at will. 

Name City Size Web  Site
Duc des lombards Paris 100 Official
Sunset/Sunside Paris 100* 2 Official
Aux Petits Jouers Paris 100 Official
Habana Jazz Club Paris - Official
New Morning Paris 500 Official
Petit Journal Montparnasse Paris 220 Official
Jazz Club Lionel Hampton /Le Meridien Etoile Paris 300 Official
Le Swan Bar Paris 80 Official
Chez Papa Paris 80 Official
La Belleviloise Paris 80 Official
La Nouvelle Athene Paris 80 Official
Les Voutes Saint Honore Paris NA Official
l'Arbuci Paris 80 Official
l'Archipel Paris 100 Official
Autour de Midi Paris 60 Official
Le Baiser Sale Paris 80 Official
Le Bilboquet Paris 70 Official
Le Cafe Universel Paris 60 Official
Caveau de la Huchette Paris NA Official
Blue Note ( Bar Bresilien) Paris NA Official
Caveau des oubliettes Paris 80 Official
L'Entrepot Paris 100/200 Official
Le Petit Journal Saint Michel Paris 100 Official
Le Studio des Islettes Paris 100 Official
Federation des scenes de Jazz NA NA Official
Hot Club de France Federation ( Jazz Traditionnal) NA NA Official
FNEIJ ( Jazz Moderne) NA NA Official

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